About an hour ago, I was minding my own business- playing on Marcel’s laptop (no it wasn’t Farm Town on Facebook, at least not this time), and semi-watching The Mentalist on TV when I heard the sound of a helicopter.   Since we actually live in a flight pattern of the airport,  so planes and helicopters overhead is really not anything out of the ordinary.

What WAS out of the ordinary, is that 10 minutes later I still heard the same helicopter and when I looked out the window, it appeared to be hovering approximately 1/2 mile from our home.   

My first thought was that it was having engine troubles, and that possibly it was looking for a place to land.   I began to panic, and picked up the phone to call mom, just in case there were troubles and it crashed into our home.  (Yes, I know, it could be said that I’ve watched too many movies in my day, but stranger things have happened.) 

I called mom and walked outside, keeping a close eye on the helicopter.  As soon as she answered, it slowly started moving, towards our home!!  I didn’t even have an opportunity to tell mom what was happening, and she told me to hold on.    I stood there (don’t laugh) thinking, Oh Lord what if this thing crashes, and I can’t even tell my mom goodbye.   Ohh the workings of an overactive imagination.

Luckily mom did come back to the line, and the helicopter wasn’t in any sort of distress, but instead was on the prowl for someone.  It didn’t take long and there were police cars coming out of the woodwork,  some with their sirens on, and some not.   

The helicopter started making huge circles around our neighborhood,  and after talking to mom for a few minutes, I called Marcel to tell him that something was going on.


He assured me that if it wasn’t Life Flight (which I knew it wasn’t), then the police was obviously after someone for committing a crime, and usually they didn’t pull out the ‘big guns’ (helicopters) unless it was something serious.

Well this little ‘game’ of cat and mouse went on for more than an hour.  The copter circled for a while, then started hovering in an area about a mile or so from here, and just when I thought he’d go home and go to bed, he came back to his original hovering position and started shining the spotlight around the area too close for comfort to our home.

Marcel is working tonight.  Did I mention that?   Needless to say, I locked the deadbolt from the inside, and pray that I don’t see any unwanted guests tonight, or any night for that matter.

All is quiet now, but it makes me wonder who they were looking for, and what they’ve done.   While I was standing outside watching, I heard some ducks make some ruckus and run out of the bushes and into the water.  

Did it scare me?  You know it!    I’m the first to admit that I’m afraid of the dark, and you never know who is lurking out there.  One thing is for sure, I don’t want to find out- unless it’s on the news, and they say they’ve caught him/her.

I’ll keep you posted if I find out ‘the rest of the story’.

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  • Ramsey says...

    nice set up, kiddo! didn’t know that you were scared of the dark….too!:) experiences in the past have lasting effects, eh?

  • southofsanity says...

    Ramsey!!! Yayy! It’s great to have you here. Yess, I am afraid of the dark, since I was a little girl. I’ll have to write about that sometime. I’m fine if I’m with someone, but if I’m alone, then I get a little nervous- if I’m outside. Indoors I’m ok 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  • fin says...

    This is one of the reasons I keep a police radio turned on much of the time I am at home, so when I hear it, I know what it is doing.

    One time I actually was on the other end and dispatched one to look for a missing adult home patient at four AM. It scared the CRAP out of some poor guy who had just gone out for a late night walk, as the night sun and sound of the rotors in a low hover are quite attention-getting.

  • southofsanity says...

    I think that’s a great idea Fin. Marcel said that same thing to me- if we’d had a police radio, we’d know what was going on.

    My parents are volunteer firefighters for their community and they have one that they keep on alot of the time as well, and it’s linked in with the police and other fire departments throughout the county, so they can see what’s gonig on and respond if needed.

    Wow I can see where that would have scared the guy. I was nervous and I was inside my home- the noise was loud and they weren’t hovered directly over our home, so I can imagine how that poor guy felt.

  • Dorrie says...

    I was here the other day but wasn’t sure about commenting lol

    Before getting a police radio, you better check out if it’s legal… in Germany it isn’t! You are not even aloud to OWN one that can receive the poice or ambulance frequencies.

    So, now to hear the rest of the story….. 😉