I’ve decided to start doing a Freaky Friday entry on Fridays, which will include things that I (or YOU if you send them into me via email) come across in my travels both online and off that I find to be just plain freaky.

With that being said- it seems fitting that the first Freaky Friday installment would be about none other than the King of Freaks- or King of Pop depending on how you look at it- Michael Jackson.

Now before you start sending me comments and email hatin’ me, know that I did like some of his music, and I do believe that he’s a definite POP legend, but I still think he is (or was) a freak. Yes, I do think he died too young, and I think it’s sad, but I’m also getting a little tired of other, more important news taking back seat to whatever happens to be taking ‘center stage’ with Michaels death.

Forgive me for shaking my head when I saw the latest NY Post article titled “Jacko’s Fake Nose Missing“.

Ummm, seriously??? Apparently so.

According to the article, Michael wore this prosthetic to ‘mask’ the effects of decades of plastic sugery, and the fact that he apparently had no ‘real’ nose left.

Personally, I have no idea if this is true, and truth is- I don’t care, but there is someone out there who does. If you are that person, keep your eyes peeled on Ebay- who knows, for the right price, you could actually own a ‘piece’ of the King of Pop, or then again, maybe the person who cleaned up after the autopsy thought it was a ‘toy mask’ and tossed it in the trash.

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  • Sarah says...

    Ha! to funny!!
    It is a shame that real news has taken a backseat to his death. I was fine with it on the first day but after that I was so over it.

  • southofsanity says...

    I agree with you Sarah- It amazes me how this takes precidence over some other ‘more important’ news.

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  • benb says...

    I saw that article, too – but I grew weary of MJ in the forefront of the news probably long before anyone else did. It was news for a day, okay, but for a month? There is some serious stuff going on in this world that I consider to be of far greater importance than one man’s death. Heck, I really was more saddened by Cronkite’s death than MJ’s – I thought Cronkite was a man of class and was one of the most excellent – and revered – reporters of his time.

  • southofsanity says...

    Hey Ben- It’s great to see you here and I have to completely agree with you. While I think it’s sad to see anyone die, I cried and cried when Farrah Fawcett died, and also when Walter Cronkite died, and didn’t shed a tear for Michael.

    It makes me wonder where peoples priorities are in this world when they put so much focus on things like this.

    I agree with you about Cronkite- he was amazing. I remember watching him as a child. Mom and I were talking about him the other day and she said that he was always her favorite and no one has ever been able to live up to what he was. I imagine that will always be the case.