I’ll pretend I haven’t let dust grow on this space for the past almost six months. It wasn’t intentional. The reality is- life happened. I spent a lot of time living and less time in the digital world and struggled to find a balance between the two- but now- I’m back and hoping to start writing regularly again about things I love, plus things that I think are crazy- like the state of the world these days.

I’ll also share our home updates- and other little do it yourself projects that we get ourselves into- because lets face it- those can take on a life all their own and get pretty crazy in themselves.

I have missed writing- Those who know me in my real, every day life knows how much the written word means to me- so I look forward to sharing some thoughts and hopefully having some real conversations, but right now- I have a dog with his legs crossed standing at the door waiting to be taken out.

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