I am sooo excited that my 3 Thursday night faves are back on as of last night. Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal are back and I’m itching to watch them all. I have a dear friend coming over tomorrow night to spend the weekend, and we’ve agreed to watch Grey’s and Scandal together- so I’ll watch HTGAWM and save the rest until then.

I love my friend time, so I’m looking forward to spending the day out adventuring here and there, plus sharing some great conversation and giggles. I’ve done all the prep work for my soup and I’ll toss all the ingredients in the Crock-Pot tomorrow morning, turn the timer on and let it do the work for me. That’s how I like to make a meal when I’m out and about!

When I get home- I’ll whip up some of diddy’s cornbread and call it a meal. YEAH!

As for now- I hear Analies Keating calling my name. Is anyone else watching?

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