I am probably one of the few people who did not watch Gilmore Girls ‘back in the day’. Gilmore GirlsI did, however binge watch it when I discovered it on Netflix about a year and a half ago. Like most people who watched it, I fell in love with the characters and was very sad to see it end. Imagine how thrilled I (along with many others) were when Netflix announced they would be doing a ‘year in the life’ a one time deal to catch us up with what happened with the characters.

I’ve been waiting- probably more patient than most, since it was all still fresh in my mind.

When it dropped on Netflix, I started watching that very day.    At first it took me a second to realize that Rory was now 32, but I immediately fell in love with the quirkiness of the show all over again.

By the end of “Fall”, I found myself gasping at those few little words at the end of it all- leaving me with a HUGE hope that there will be another ‘season’.

Did y’all watch it too?  What did YOU think?  Will there be another season of Gilmore Girls, A year in the Life- or will that be it?    Leaving some questions unanswered and us fans wondering the obvious question…. (that I won’t share here as I hate those spoilers.)    But if you’ve watched it-  you know exactly what I mean!


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