I did finally get the ‘scoop’ on Thursday nights helicopter adventure, so I now have ‘the rest of the story’  or at least enough details to put to rest my wandering imagination of murderers or terrorists running rampant in my neighborhood.  

I know, I know,  I told you I have a really wild imagination.


Apparently Thursday night around 9:30 p.m., six men (at least one of which was armed with a pistol) broke into a home in the suburbs of a city about 20 minutes from here.  Much to the surprise of the men (or boys, since I don’t know the age), the homeowners were actually home upon their entrance into the home, and all fled the scene fairly quickly upon realizing this.   The news report stated that as they were leaving the house, they threatened one of the homeowners with the gun. 

One of the neighbors, or someone on the street saw them flee in a car, wrote down the tag number, called the police, who picked up their trail several towns over, and about 10 minutes from our home.

Enter helicopter, which was apparently helping the police keep an eye on where the assailants were going.   They were eventually cornered about 5 minutes from here,  two of the six were shot and lightly wounded by the police, but were ALL aprehended.

Hurray for the police.

I still haven’t figured out why it took six of them to rob a home, and I guess the reason the helicopter became involved, was due to the fact that there was a pistol present amongst the men, and the police were concerned  they’d use it elsewhere since they weren’t successful in their first attempt at a break-in.


Fin mentioned in the last entries comments about having a scanner.   Ironically, that’s exactly what Marcel said when I kept calling him at work, is that we should have a scanner so that we could know what was going on. 

My parents are both volunteer firefighters in their community, and have a emergency responder radio, and they can hear everything happening in the county as it happens.  I know there was a time when we were home for the holidays that we heard sirens in my parents neighborhood (something you very rarely hear), and we were able to turn the radio on and find out exactly what was going on, and determine if anyone needed help.

So that, my friends, is the rest of the story…

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  • goindutch says...

    well im glad to hear the rest of the story paul. even more so to hear that the bad guys got their just rewards

  • Ramsey says...

    thanks for the update especially after stirring us all up:)

  • mub says...

    I love this new template. Really really really really a lot. Did you notice that it says Hmoe instead of Home though?

    I’m also quite happy that the RSS link is on now, I couldn’t find it the other day when I was looking =)

  • Dorrie says...

    ooops, I commented in the previous entry before discovering this entry! lol (I had bookmarked only the entry, not the blog oooops)

    Seeing a helicopter circle like that my first thought is always police… even rescue helicopters usually don’t fly at night, and if one is going to crash, well… it won’t have time to circle…. an immediate “plumps” is the result.

    Glad they caught them!!

  • southofsanity says...

    I’m glad too dutchie- Now if they’ll just get more than a slap on the wrist.

    LOL Ramsey you are welcome. I was curious as to what really happened too.

    Kimmie YESS I saw that too after I uploaded it, but then again, this is suppose to be a crazy place, so we may as well have words that arent’ spelled right hahah.. I still dont’ think this layout (as much as I love it) fits the theme of this crazy space, but I will probably keep it until I find something else, or find the time to create my own layout.

    Dorrie the reason I thought at first that it may crash, is because it was hovering for more than 15 minutes. It didn’t have the spotlight on, and was just ‘there’ I didn’t have any idea what was going on until it started circling, then I kind of figured they must have been looking for someone since I knew the circling wouldn’t mean they were going to be life flighting somewhere because there were enough places to land if they really needed to. Rescue copters don’t fly there at night? The life fight copters fly here all the time when they are needed.

    I’m glad they caught them too, although I doubt they will get in much trouble.


  • Charm says...

    I can see why it was so unnerving for you given that the helicopter was there hovering for so long. We had a similar experience a couple of years ago when a helicopter was circling the area around the grocery store we had just exited, but it had its spotlight on. It made us wonder what kind of encounter we might have. I think we read in the paper the next day that the police got their man that night too.

    As far as the number of people involved in the crime ring, it may very well be that they planned to clean the place out, and having more people would certainly facilitate the removal of more and larger objects.

    Hope you had a nice Sunday!

    Like your new site, but the text is a bit small and odd. As I type it looks like there are gaps in places where I am not leaving a space as I write . . . at least not intentionally!

    *Love & Hugs*

  • fin says...

    Thanks for the update.

  • Stasia says...

    New blog to help you follow my old one since it’s private and the updates don’t show up.

    I miss you…we need to catch up soon. 🙂