Is it me or has the first half of this year flown by at record pace? I can’t believe that we have one week left of May and off we go into the summer months. I’m already ‘feeling’ the summer coming- as the temps are beginning to rise.. The plants are loving the extra daylight, plus the sunshine and I can’t say that I mind it, because I don’t.

Two of my favorite shows finished up for the season this past week- Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I am loving them both so much. I also read that Scandal has one more season and that will be the end. Makes me sad, a little as it’s something that I really enjoy. It also leaves me wondering how much longer Grey’s will be airing too. I guess all good things come to an end, plus I’m sure Shonda is up to creating magic somewhere.

How will you spend your summer this year?

When I have friends who are interested in purchasing something online- they tend to always call me. I think it’s because I do fairly well with searching, but also finding the best prices in a sometimes confusing search result. Like for my neighbor, I found that Guitar Center has, boss rc-30 at a great price! He was happy that he could get a good price and I was happy that I could help him in the search. It’s a win-win no matter how you slice it.