Is anyone else excited about the new season of Survivor? I believe this may be one of the most epic seasons of all time! I’ve been watching since Season 1 and tonight they are bringing back some of my all time favorites- Of course, if you know me in my real life- then you know I’ll be rooting 100% for JT Thomas, who is the winner of one of the seasons about 8 years ago. There are some other favorites in the mix as well, but I am team JT all the way.

What about you? Who are you rooting for on this season of Survivor?

A musician friend of mine is on the road now traveling with his band to various small clubs across the Mid-West. He sent me a message the other night that he was having some issues with one of his guitars, so they had to spend the night in Kansas so he could pop in to guitar center kansas to get what he needed so he could get back on the road again and perform. He was thrilled at how quickly he was able to get everything he needed and they could travel on towards Iowa, their next destination.

Gotta love a good Internet connection and Google maps to get us to the places we need to find in cities that aren’t our own.