Tonight- I’ll be turning on Hulu and catching up with my favorite programs from earlier in the week. I’ll be ‘home alone’ tonight, and that means watch what I want- not have to give the remote to anyone, and soak up all the girl time with none other than me, myself and I. As much as I love people and my guy- I also love spending time with myself. First up- a soak in the bathtub, then I’ll curl up with a blanket, turn on Hulu via the Smart TV and off I go- into the world of somewhere else.

Now if I could only find someone to deliver me some popcorn, life would be perfect.

There are some moments when you see something and you find yourself smiling. This morning was one of those moments. A friend from High School is having some work done on the bulkhead at his home. He has a day job- but he is also a passionate musician, and he and his friends play for events and other special occasions. I saw that he was saying that when the bulkhead was finished, it would be right at the end of the summer season, and the perfect time to put his new eastman guitars to good use by having a waterside concert and BBQ. I can’t be there since I live out of town, but seeing everyone’s reactions about the band sharing their music with family, friends and community brought a huge smile to my face.

I spent most of the afternoon cooking- I made some roasted tomato salsa to have later in the week when a new friend visits. I also cooked dinner and made Fleur de Sel caramels for an order for later in the week.

My kitchen- looks like a food bomb exploded into it- so nothing at all charming about that. But thankfully, after taking a little break from the kitchen, and having a quick chat with my best friend- I’m ready to water my zucchini, collards and tomatoes then head back to the kitchen.

I have a few emails I need to catch up on- but mostly I am wanting to have some time to unwind. I think I’ll sit outside- but first- dishes.

As I type this- it’s Sunday afternoon- I can hear the birds singing, a cool breeze blowing in from the water- and I find myself dreaming of summer days and vacations. Dinner was roasted zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper and tomato on a little whole wheat pasta- simple, yet delicious. I love the summer fruits and vegetables.

Tonight- I’m ‘home alone’ while my husband works the night shift. My plan is to binge watch a little Mad Men, plus do a little vacation planning for our upcoming holiday. Our big travels will happen in the Fall, but we’re planning an overnight ‘get-away’ here and there, this summer. Much to look forward to.

What’s your favorite part of summer?

When I find websites or products that I love-  I can’t wait to share them with my family, friends, and you- dear readers.     For several years now I’ve been a loyal customer of iHerb and I think it’s about time I shared it with you.      They have all of my favorites-   Bob’s Red Mill products,  (think grains, flours and steel-cut oats)iherb

In addition to ‘food stuffs’  they also sell essential oils, shea butter, vitamins, gelatin capsules, and the list goes -on and on and ON!   In addition, often times their products are cheaper than buying in a supermarket or natural foods store-  so definitely worth checking out..  Plus free delivery to your door-   YES!

Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself.  I can assure you- you won’t be sorry!

When I find things I love- nothing makes me happier than to share it with others- which is the reason for this particular post that is an ode to some of my favorite things. For those of you who love Bob’s Red Mill, and love Steel Cut Oats- feel free to have a peek into my shopping cart at iHerb. There you’ll find my favorite oats, plus Marcel and my favorite snacks, Blue Diamond Almond Thins and Pecan thins. If you haven’t tried them… you should. They are: to-die-for.

I’m a huge fan of one stop shopping, and if you add one stop shopping to a store that not only has FREE shipping for orders over 20.00 that’s a major plus. I also love their customer service, which is better than any I’ve seen in the last years- I order from them regularly, and new customers receive 5.00 off their first order under 40.00 and 10.00 off any order over 40. How, you ask?

When you visit and add your own items to the shopping cart- use the code QJK747 at the check out- the shopping cart will do the rest.

Take a little time and browse the site- and I am certain you’ll find a few new favorite things of your own. Shea butter, Castile soap- the list goes on for me..

Summer has finally arrived and it’s been wonderful. I’m thrilled that Marcel has been able to spend his off days fishing and enjoying what he loves to do, and I’ve been able to get a few things done, plus enjoying the weather too.

The weather definitely changes the way that I cook, and I’ve been making a lot of summer salads- quick and easy meals using the best of summers’ bounty. Have I mentioned how much I love the fruits and vegetables this time of the year?

Not to mention the flowers! The roses Marcel gave me a week ago for my birthday are in full bloom now, and the sunflowers I received are also shining on in all their glory. Those are the things I love.

Once I’m done with work- I plan to curl up with a good book outside and a cup of something cool.


 I think we all have those times that we associate with quiet and just a feeling of peace and serenity and for me- those moments are generally shared with coffee..      My favorite of the java’s is Illy- without question and this mug-  one of two that was given to me as part of my Christmas gift by my best friend.     It definitely almost sent me into the ugly cries when I opened it- and the great thing is-   not only do I love it- it has sentiment from someone I love and adore attached to it.

So when I want peace- a time of quiet reflection (like today)  I’ll reach for this cup-   and today- I’ll sit and feel the sunshine agianst my skin- and the warmth of the coffee running though me and I’ll smile.   Because I know that no matter how hectic life may be-  that there’s always coffee- quiet time,  and best friends-  definitely not in that order.

With us being down to a very short time left at this home and headed back to our own home soon- everyone has been trying to get a last minute visit in before we leave. I am honored that people want to see us and spend time together, but I have to say that it’s hard on the diet. Not that there has been much in terms of healthy eating as of late- but I’m determined these last few weeks are going to be healthier than the last 7.

We have a LOT of dinners out planned with family and friends and I’m looking forward to each and every moment. In the meantime- I need to pull out my new running shoes and start using them. I definitely need to get in some kind of exercise, so that hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll reach my weight-loss goal for this year.

I awakened this morning to the sound of rain falling.   It was a peaceful sound and I laid in bed for a while listening to it run off the roof of the house and thinking about the day- Christmas Eve.     I know that many people are hustling around getting all the last minute shopping done- and cooking up a storm.   In fact, just saw that several friends are actually starting all of their Christmas baking today. 

I’m done-   We’re having a very ‘non-traditional’ Christmas in the sense of our Christmases past and having soup, but you know what,  I think I like the idea.   We had a really big Thanksgiving dinner-  all the traditional fare with all the trimmings and this makes life easier and more time to enjoy family and spending time with each other.    I think this could very well become our ‘new’ tradition.   It makes perfect sense to me.