Yesterday the door bell rang for me to find someone from a delivery service for a package. For a moment I was very excited thinking that I was receiving some unexpected something- until they asked if I would be willing to accept a package from my neighbor who wasn’t home. Since they do it for us from time to time, and it’s the neighborly thing to do- I said yes.

Last night he came by and said he appreciated me accepting the package- because he’d been expecting something from music friend retailer and needed it for the weekend. He got called into work unexpectedly and was stressed that he was going to miss the delivery of something he really needed.

His music weekend is complete. He’s grateful and I’m happy I could help, without even knowing how important it was to him. After all- that’s what neighbors are for, right?

Some friends of ours have been looking at a ‘possible’ development area in the Deep South. Whether it will actually become developed into properties will depend on the results from vapor mitigation testing that is being done. The land, which is a gorgeous piece of property to look at was once a dumping ground. Ironically, I remember going there as a child to ‘dump’ trash with my parents, and it became a huge landfill and once full, it was bulldozed over with dirt as though nothing had ever happened there. Eventually grass grew, trees grew and now it’s a gorgeous property, but the question is: What is lurking underneath?

The sampling should tell the tale of whether there are any toxic gases that could potentially cause problems for the residents once the land is approved to be developed. People would build their homes upon this land, their children would play at what was once a dump site. Whether there was anything toxic dumped, remains to be seen. I know there have been other soil tests done and everything has turned up fine, so I feel certain this will too, but I love the fact that there is technology out there which allows people to test for these type of potential hazards.

With all that being said- even if everything is A-OK, I am still not sure that I personally would want to build on what was once a dump site. It may be fine, but there is something about it that just seems odd to me. Our friend developers feel quite differently, obviously and see the potential for growth in that particular area, which would be great for the economy and those looking to move just outside of the city.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear what you think.

While I was walking a few days ago, I came upon someone sitting on a bench wearing a pair of ath-m50x headphones and singing. Since you don’t generally see someone wearing those outside of the studio, I pretended I needed to have a break and sat down on the bench to enjoy the sun reflecting on the water.

We exchanged smiles and within minutes were talking and he mentioned that he was a producer and that he would sometimes come out to the park and sit with the headphones on to drown out all the outside noise, but to gather inspiration from his surroundings. What I thought in the beginning to be a little odd, after hearing the story, I found it quite inspiring.

The lesson to me was never make an assumption about something we really have no clue about.

There are some moments when you see something and you find yourself smiling. This morning was one of those moments. A friend from High School is having some work done on the bulkhead at his home. He has a day job- but he is also a passionate musician, and he and his friends play for events and other special occasions. I saw that he was saying that when the bulkhead was finished, it would be right at the end of the summer season, and the perfect time to put his new eastman guitars to good use by having a waterside concert and BBQ. I can’t be there since I live out of town, but seeing everyone’s reactions about the band sharing their music with family, friends and community brought a huge smile to my face.

I love music-   and we happen to have a neighbor who is part of a great band.     We hear them practicing various times throughout the week, and we’ve even popped in on them to ‘listen in’ while they practice. It’s always fun, plus I love dropping off goodies to them while they are working on a new song- or practicing for an upcoming show.

More often than not my little ‘drop ins’ are a result of them receiving a package, like augustine strings and not being home to receive it. So the delivery man drops it here- I sign for it and then personally deliver it to them. The bonus is in getting to hear them perform. Great stuff!

I keep thinking that one of these days that they will actually make a CD and find themselves touring locally- but right now they seem content doing what they’re doing. It doesn’t stop me from encouraging them though, because there is some major potential there and you don’t have to be a record label to recognize talent.

One of my neighbors stopped me the other day and said that Marcel had told him that I was the expert of finding things online and he wanted to enlist my help to see if I could find him some cohiba cigars for sale. I smiled and said I’d do what I could- but then I gave him ‘the eye’ and told him that I thought he’d quit smoking. He said he’d never smoked cigars but that these were for an upcoming birthday gift for his brother. He also said he wasn’t quite there with the smoking, but he was getting there. Every step in the right direction- right?

While we were driving back from the mountains- I noticed a car stopped at the same restaurant as us that had a great business advertisement using Car wraps in Virginia. I love the way it wasn’t just in one spot on the car, but yet literally wrapped around so that people could see it from varying angles.

It sparked an idea with me and I’m now considering doing the same thing or something similar with my business for advertising. The price is right and it could reach countless people, so why not?

Desere and Hein are on their way over for an evening of fellowship and fun. I ‘should’ be getting ready, but instead I wanted to pound out a few words on the keyboard to say hi before heading off to add whole bean coffee to the grinder and brew us up some java. It’s been a crazy busy day- and I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening with friends. I guess I should actually get out of my pj’s too. Yep- it’s been one of those days!

To know my dear husband is to know that he is absolutely passionate about moving vehicles. He’s definitely most interested in sports cars and anything that is ‘fast’, but his passion definitely isn’t limited by the speedometer. Recently, he came home all gung-ho about asking me to help him find a automotive air conditioning compressor for a friend of his. Apparently they had been discussing it and the guy expressed concerns about some of the prices he’d found and Marcel piped in and told him to let me have a look around online, because I was brilliant at finding great deals. I’ll admit being quite flattered that he things so highly of my Internet prose, so I did do what I could to help his friend, and he was content that I was once again a hero in his eyes.

I’ll admit though- there are times when I worry that he will create an accident, because we can literally be driving down the road and he’ll scream out “LOOK!”, and I’ll be breaking my neck trying to figure out what on earth he’s looking at only to find that he’s seen a new model sports car, or last week it was a coleman UTV riding along the side of the road along a trail. He went on for about a half hour on how cool they are and how much he’d love to have one. Realistically (and he knows this), it isn’t in our budget for a ‘toy’ like that. I know guys love their toys, but he knows it isn’t feasable for us living in the middle of a large town.

I admire his gumption though because once I shot that idea down, he started talking about how maybe my parents could use one (which is a definite possibility considering where they live), and how they could get a used one at somewhere like Now- that’s his mission, to talk my dad into getting one and thus far it seems like he’s making some headway. This means that he may have a new ‘toy’ to borrow and enjoy when we go home for Christmas and it will make getting around the property to do certain tasks much easier for my parents.


This is your skin with sun allergy.


Yep- it isn’t pretty- I know.   This afternoon I headed out for a 3 mile walk ,which turned into 4 and when I came home-  my arm was puffy and ‘itchy scratchy’.   I wore long sleeves for that reason but I didn’t think that my hands and lower arms which were hanging down beside me would end up with sun- but boy was I ever wrong..

I haven’t even looked in the mirror- but oddly the itch/rash factor never happens on my face.  I have no idea why- but I’m certainly not complaining.   Maybe the cool bath will help and a little Aveda lotion.