Tonight- I’ll be turning on Hulu and catching up with my favorite programs from earlier in the week. I’ll be ‘home alone’ tonight, and that means watch what I want- not have to give the remote to anyone, and soak up all the girl time with none other than me, myself and I. As much as I love people and my guy- I also love spending time with myself. First up- a soak in the bathtub, then I’ll curl up with a blanket, turn on Hulu via the Smart TV and off I go- into the world of somewhere else.

Now if I could only find someone to deliver me some popcorn, life would be perfect.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday Y’all! Today has been a pretty busy one with me buzzing around here and there- and trying to get things done and everything not going as planned. I rolled with it and feel great about all that I got accomplished, but the ‘to do’ list is still mighty long. The blessing in this is that those ‘things’ aren’t going to get done by someone else, so they’ll be waiting on me tomorrow. Right now- I’ve got my feet kicked up and I’m basking in a little quiet time while Marcel naps.

I’m still not quite sure how the evening is going to shape up- but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough. It’s either going to be a quiet evening with Marcel- or I’ll be having company for a couple of hours. Time will tell. In the meantime- I’m basking in the silence and gearing up for what’s going to be a very busy few days.

Ok- Remember I posted a few days ago about not knowing who was playing in the Super Bowl? Well- I just found out- (obvioiusly I haven’t tried to find out) that it’s the Raven’s and the 49er’s. Good luck to both teams.

Crazier than the fact that I did not know who was playing in the Super Bowl is that I didn’t know it was being played in New Orleans!!! Now to some people that may not be an odd fact, but I am FROM 2 hours from New Orleans and was IN New Orleans not too terribly long ago- so for me to not know that one- well- let’s just say I’ve obviously not been paying attention.

Even crazier than that- Want to know how I found out? I was reading something about Duck Dynasty and saw that they were going to be there for the game and were excited because it’s their first Super Bowl. Got to love those guys from Monroe.

I love days like these- where I can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather without feeling too warm or too cold. It’s perfect- at least in my eyes. Some would say it’s too warm, but as with everything- it’s all about perception. Marcel said earlier all he needs is a black & mild and strong cup of coffee and his day would be perfect. Again- perception. Isn’t it funny how perfection to one person is one thing, yet something completely different to another?

When I logged in here just now- I see that I have 239 comments waiting to be approved- Most of them I would guess are SPAM or someone attempting to advertise some product for free in order to create backlinks- Sorry folks- that is not going to happen here for free. I pay for this site- which means if you’d like to help offset the costs of this space- then you’re more than welcome to contact me and we can set up something, but your spam isn’t going to make it through. I’m sorry to disappoint.

I have so much that I want to share- but it is one of those days where it seems like I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. Marcel and I have had appointments today- I delivered some cupcakes and we had a lot of running around to do. He’s working nights today and tomorrow, so that will at least mean home alone for me for the next two nights. Desere is coming over in a little while to have coffee and just hang out- so I’m looking forward to the down time, but wanted to get a few words written before she arrived.

I’m enjoying the stillness in the house at the moment. Mister M is in the chair sleeping- JJ in his bed, and Marcel also in the bed, in preparation for working tonight.

Since New Year’s Eve, I’ve really been having a hard time sleeping and it doesn’t take but just a tiny little thing for me to think about at bedtime and my brain goes into overdrive mode and before you know it- it’s two a.m. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve become addicted (thanks Desere) to Flight Control for the iPad and I spend about a half hour in the evenings landing plans. I really don’t want to take anything to help me sleep, so it looks like I need to do more relaxing and no computer time after say, 8 p.m. Hopefully that will help get me back in a regular sleeping pattern and keep me from wanting (or needing) to sleep late every day.

That story is coming- (the funny one I mentioned yesterday) as soon as I have time to sit down and write it all out. It’s somewhat lengthy- but I still laugh when I think about it.

We are home again after our trip to Belgium and are in the process of unpacking and getting everything done. (Such as wash and vacuuming)- I love visiting other countries because you never know what you’re going to see. Yesterday we were sitting at Subway in Brussels and there was an extremely intoxicated man sitting on the side of street with a guitar playing easy guitar songs and singing at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious. Several times he even stood in the middle of the road- stopping traffic, oblivious to the danger. We passed through again several hours later but he was no where to be found. I have to wonder if he had been picked up for public intoxication- but I guess I’ll never know.

I was probably a little girl when I first heard the saying that truth is stranger than fiction.  Over the years- I’ve found that to sometimes be the case. 

Case and point: 

Several nights ago I received an email-   It was from this person who signed the email ” J ” (I’ve since found out her name, and I won’t share that tidbit- but I digress).   At first- I thought it was yet another SPAM email that didn’t get caught in the filter, but when I started reading- I realized that this ” J ” thought she was really writing someone named Kevin.   (Obviously my name is nothing remotely similar to Kevin, nor am I of the male species.) 

Long story short- J was telling Kevin that she didn’t want to give up on their relationship and that she really felt something for him and didn’t want him out of her life.  The email was much longer than that- but that was the general jest of things- and that she believed that a person could ‘have it all’   if they believed.

I had NO idea who this person was or how she accidentally sent me an email meant for Kevin- so I responded and told her that I thought she’d made a mistake, since I wasn’t Kevin and I wasn’t male.  

After that- I became pretty curious as to who this ‘mystery person’ was and if I possibly knew them.   I Googled their email address (try it sometime if you’ve never done so) and found that ” J ” is married to ” R ” and they have two children together.    (I don’t know them, so that part still remains a mystery.)

I don’t know the story behind all this- other than that she’s married and has two children.   I’ve since found her on Facebook and sure enough- she’s listed as being married to ” R “.    I am not here to judge Miss J, since I obviously don’t know her situation or what caused her eye to wander but I do hope that she gets things straightened out in her life.

The only thing I can say is- Careful J.

She’s since emailed and apologized for sending me the email- but I guess I may never know how my email address ended up in the TO:  line.

I guess we all have our phobias. I know that mine is spiders, so when I saw this article at the Fox News website, I thought I’d share with y’all what some of our favorite celebrities had to say about their own phobias.

I’m only going to share five, but the rest you can read by visiting the link at the end of the entry.

  • Johnny Depp-                   Fears Clowns
  • Nicole Kidman-                Fears Butterflies
  • Orlando Boom-                 Fears Pigs
  • Billy Bob Thornton-      Fears Antiques
  • Christina Ricci-                 Fears Houseplants


For more information and to see the entire article, click Here

Sometimes I find that the people who leave these spam comments that will never be allowed to see the light of day on this page can be quite entertaining. Some leave comments in languages that I couldn’t begin to dechipher, while others leave comments totally off base. Someone attempted to leave a comment on the “eye”phone entry that asked if I needed some fat burners. Yes, I probably do, but I’ll burn my fat the good ole fashioned way, thank you. Makes me wonder if they can see me. Just kidding. I do find it entertaining though. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve deleted in your comments?