There is something odd about a time change that “Springs forward” only to wake up with a light dusting of snow on the ground and temps that continue to drop as the day moves forward. Grey and dreary skies with the threat of more snowfall just around the corner.

On the bright side of this confused state of Mother Nature- cold weather conundrum; it’s perfect weather to turn the oven on and bake up some delicious comfort foods, which in this case has been two loaves of ‘healthy’ banana bread.

Hang on new growth on my perinnials- Spring is coming; I’m just not sure when.

Ok- that title could be a little decieving. I’m not spam- but I just had a peek in my spam folder in email- and had MANY emails from my proverbial stalker. He’s harmless (albeit annoying) but in spite of marking his mail either as spam, blocking some of the others, he still mails me constantly. I didn’t realize just how much because I don’t clean out my spam mail that often- but I was pretty surprised at just how many random, weird, messages that I had from him.

Granted- he doesn’t know me. He insists my name is Rachel, (which is isn’t) and he seems to be confused in spite of me asking on several occasions for him to stop messaging me. Technically- if I were so inclined- I could go after him for cyber stalking- (the Internet isn’t the wild wild west of doing what you want without consequences) but because I don’t feel threatened and I sure am not interested in using my energy for anything other than good, I won’t. If I felt threatened though- that would be a horse of an entirely different color, because stalking is NOT OK- and that includes the cyber type.

SO onward and upward- Much happening in this little corner of the world and life is good. My view at this moment as I look to my left is a beautiful canal- blue skies and adorable baby ducklings. Yes indeed- life is good.

Sometimes I really have to laugh at the persistence of people. Years ago, my first blog was on this particular site that one day just shut down. It was supposedly a crash, but I’ve always believed that the owner had bigger fish to fry and that was the easiest way to get out of dealing with it.

During that time- there was this guy who would always leave me odd comments. He did the same with others, so I just tried to be polite and carried on. But when the site crashed- he found other ways to find me and I literally consider him a stalker. He isn’t scary- because I don’t feel threatened by him, but it is weird that he has been able to find me in so many places simply because of my old user name (which happens to be one I use in a lot of places- and also associated with my gmail address- and no, I’m not going to share it here.)

He has sent me countless friend requests on Facebook- all of which I denied. He has emailed me, again and again- I got the Instagram app for my iphone and he found me there and would comment on all my photos (I stopped posting there because there was no way to block him at the time.) He has found me on Twitter and of course my blogs- to which I’ve blocked him via his IP address and I’ll be if he didn’t get a new IP address and attempt to comment again. Of course, I’m not letting his comments through and he’s since stopped trying. I finally thought he’d found someone else to stalk when low- and- behold if I didn’t start getting emails from him last week on Gmail- all of which have gone unanswered. He sent me a voice message, which I listened to on my iPhone and after that two more messages. I haven’t responded. He clearly has a LOT of time on his hands. As long as I don’t feel threatened, I won’t worry about it- otherwise I would have gone to the police long ago.

It just makes me wonder what causes a person to obsess over someone who doesn’t even respond to them? Surely it couldn’t be that little bit of kindness and acknowledgement I gave him years ago- or maybe it is?

Things that make me go ‘Hmmmm’.

This is a crazy- but true story that happened to me two nights ago while I was sleeping. (The night of the day mom and diddy went home.) I still have a hard time believing it- but I have a reminder that it was not a dream.

I was up really early on Thursday morning- to the tune of 4:45 a.m. because Marcel had to work- I got him up, and went back to bed and went to sleep. I was extremely tired. At some point, I’m not sure what happened, but I must have caught my earring in something because my left earring fell out of my ear (it’s a small gold hoop that I wear all the time unless changing to other earrings) and I remember holding it in my hand and thinking that I needed to put it back in.

Instead, I fell asleep and sometime later (I don’t know how much time passed) I woke up and the earring was still in my hand. Apparently though, I didn’t realize it was an earring, because I put it in my mouth and proceeded to attempt to eat it. Yes, seriously!

When I bit into the gold- it was hard, so I woke up and realized what I was doing. I was still half asleep- so I put it in my ear and went back to sleep again. I woke up later thinking I’d had some weird and crazy dream- until I touched the earring and there was a huge dent in it where I’d bitten it. I was convinced that it didn’t happen, so I took the earring out of my ear- and sure enough- there’s a crimp in the earring where I bit it.

Crazy- I know. I guess this is a sign that I need to really get back on track with my eating- after all, even my gold earrings aren’t safe anymore.

Some day’s it’s best not to mess with me.    Today is obviously one of those days-   Rest in Peace little fly.

Oh and for everyone else out there in this vast world wide web-   let this be a reminder of think before you act.   Obviously this fly didn’t.

If you ever wondered what type of automobiles the ‘People of Wal-Mart’ drive, then look no further than this picture that my own diddy sent me this morning.    You may have to click the picture to enlarge it to see the details- or even zoom in on it a little, but if you look on the top of the truck cab- you’ll see antlers.   (I guess that saves on taking them to the taxidermist and having them mounted.)

I know- you thought you were hallucinating, so did I for a moment but then I remembered– you can see anything at WalMart.   (And didn’t they use to hypen the name?  Didn’t it used to be Wal-Mart?)   Things that make ya go hmmmm on a Saturday.

Earlier this week, Marcel and I decided to stop in at our local Starbucks and have a cup of coffee and some lunch- I hadn’t had breakfast either, so my ‘brunch’ consisted of a piece of carrot cake. I wasn’t sure how it would be, since I’ve never had it from Starbucks, but it was wonderful. Marcel had chocolate cake with chocolate icing- and I was much happier that I chose the carrot cake, since I actually felt his cake was lacking.

I think many of us love carrot cake for the cream cheese frosting- and more often than not, it can be ‘too sweet’. That wasn’t the case with this slice of heaven and I literally savored every single bite. I also looked for a new cream cheese frosting recipe that I plan to try out this weekend, but I digress.

While we were sitting at Starbucks- we found ourselves next to three girls. They were young- I’d say around 20, maybe even a little younger. Two of them were extremely vocal and the other not as much. Since the tables were close to each other, I couldn’t help but hear their conversation and while not much surprises me- their conversation did.

They talked about how when they were going out to try to ‘meet guys’ that they wouldn’t take their ‘ugly’ friends with them. Apparently they didn’t want it to hinder their chances. I found it sad that these girls treated (even if their friends didn’t know it) their ‘friends’ (I use the word loosely in terms of these girls) that way. I’m assuming their friends don’t know because I can’t imagine anyone sticking around with friends like that. After all- who would need enemies with friends like that?

Ugly is as Ugly does- and based on the behavior of these girls- they are far uglier than their ‘so-called ugly friends’.

After the seriousness of the last post I did, I thought I’d share something a little less serious but yet interesting none the less. I generally avoid the news, but sometimes when I’m breezing through Fox News something will catch my eye that will require a little more attention.

That particular ‘something’ today was an article about how some of the rocks in Death Valley, California seem to be ‘moving themselves’. There are pictures of rocks with a trail left behind them as though they’ve been slowly moving along. Some say that it’s a prank, especially since no one has actually ‘seen’ the rocks moving, while others say that it’s because of the winds (which would have to be high to move the small rocks). Some reports also suggest that it has something to do with any moisture that’s under the ground. I’d love to see it for myself and of course, being the curious soul that I am- would love to know ‘how’ this is happening- if it is indeed real.

What do you think? For more information feel free to Google the topic.

When Desere was here- we took a day trip to Nawlin’s. She wanted to pick up a few things, and I haven’t been in four years so we took off. We had a great time. While we were there, we were walking along and I’d ducked into the Hard Rock Cafe with Desere. Marcel was standing outside smoking and just about the time we walked out, I saw two people running away. One was male- the other female.

Marcel, mom and diddy were all looking a little freaked out and as soon as they saw Desere and I they started telling us how Marcel had tossed his cigarette on the ground and as soon as it hit the ground the girl that we saw running away ran over, picked his used cigarette up off the ground and ran off smoking it.

I think that’s about the grossest (is that a word?) thing I’ve heard of in a long, long time.

Late last night I was browsing through my Facebook Feed when I came across this article that was shared on Dr. Oz’s Facebook page. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes, and thought that surely that it was some sort of joke, but indeed it was true- Mr. Haub, who happens to be a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State actually lived this ‘Twinkie diet’ for 2 months and supposedly lost close to 30 pounds.

While he appeared to be healthier after filling his body with poison than he did before, there’s no way we’ll know the long-term affects on his body for the lack of actual nutrition that he received during that time. All I can say is that I wouldn’t try this at home folks.